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Literary judging: take a look behind the scenes

ArtsHub answers some frequently asked questions about literary judging.

young woman with blue hair in an interview
Career Advice

Toolkit for hiring staff

Hire well and you will save yourself a lot of problems later on. ArtsHub looks at the key steps in…

A profile of a woman. The bottom half of her is covered by steam.

Mills & Boon: How to write steamy scenes

Four Mills & Boon Australian authors offer tips on how to write racy copy.

People on a theatre stage acting.

Tickets for Good removing the barriers to cultural experiences

Making tickets cheaper to grow audiences, Tickets for Good partners with the Spektrix platform.

conference. audience gather and listen to speaker in blue lit room

2024 Arts Conference and Summit Planner

Want to be inspired and give your career a boost in 2024? Then why not attend an arts conference? ArtsHub…

Alison McKay, Untitled, 2017, Sand and nails on wooden stand. Image: Supplied. An artwork consisting of a tiny precarious plinth with nails hammered into the top, and loose damp sand surrounding the nails.

Why is the art world still married to meritocracy?

Part lottery, part systematic exclusion: three artists speak about the limitations of the meritocratic approach, and imagine how the art…

Photograph of a road sign warning of traffic lights ahead that is half-submerged in floodwaters.

Why writing ‘cli-fi’ might relieve your eco-anxiety

How does writing fiction focused on climate change impact those who write it? Dr Rachel Hennessy, Alex Cothren and Amy…

literary speed dating. Image is an open book with the pages folded in to make the shape of a heart.

Literary speed dating: swipe left or right?

Do you think you may be a good candidate for a three-minute power pitch to publishers and agents?

Arts careers. Photos of arts professionals.
Career Advice

19 jobs to consider for a career change in 2024

Whether you have visions be in the spotlight, to lead from behind the scenes, or to go our on your…

Patrick. Image is of a table filled with open books covered in shadows and strips of light.

Publishing trends from US perspective

Topical literary trends from a US perspective.

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