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scrabble letters spelling out the word 'talent' on a wooden background.
Opinions & Analysis

Why we fail when we talk about talent

Using the word 'talented' as praise and encouragement devalues hard work, skill and learned ability. We need to use better…

Accessibility. Image shows young woman with long dark hair and a light top in front of computer screen and microphone. She is looking at the camera over her shoulder. She is wearing headphones and using a wheelchair.
Opinions & Analysis

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

Don't leave it to the people with accessibility needs to do all the heavy lifting.

Trans. Woman with green top and long brown hair sits in armchair looking at camera with hand under chin. Behind her are a pot plant and a lamp.
Opinions & Analysis

Activists will tell you that trans roles should go to trans actors – I disagree

When a certain children's author is played by a trans performer and a trans character is played by a cis…

mental health. A small group of people face away towards a chairlift with their arms around each other supporting each other.
Opinions & Analysis

Mental health is a human right: we’re talking about a revolution

World Mental Health Day is a chance to question the systems that undermine human happiness and creativity.

Opinions & Analysis

How ‘mental health’ has been reimagined in the workplace

Good mental health in the arts won’t happen until we see people with lived experienced enabled and included as leaders…

Career Advice

Forget AI, why viralism is costing you your job

Perhaps technology is not the greatest threat to your livelihood after all?


We need to talk about money in the arts

Having open conversations about what we earn and how we manage money is the only way to a richer arts…

A series of blue and white screen printed workers uniforms, arranged like a shopfront display. They feature the writing '(DON'T) BE AN ARTIST' in a newsprint style.
Opinions & Analysis

Are we missing an opportunity when we say ‘arts jobs are real jobs’?

Who are we leaving behind when we justify artist work on the system's terms? Are we missing an opportunity for…

Illustration with a person wearing a red hood standing against a smoky background with large blocks of red and grey. The atmosphere is dystopian.
Opinions & Analysis

Is fear around AI doing more harm than good?

Our anxiety is pitching artists against AI when collaboration and exploration are what's needed.

Two self-portraits of the artist sitting on chairs facing away from the viewer, all in a monochrome pinky-red. They are overlaid with semi-transparent writing which says "Is there a labour crisis in Australia today? Well that depends on what you mean by crisis".
Opinions & Analysis

Artist burnout is not a mental health issue – it is a labour issue

Reframing burnout in labour terms would implicitly shift our approach to advocacy around artist well-being.

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