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Book Review: Everything Harder than Everyone Else by Jenny Valentish

Pushing oneself to the edge of extremity.


Book review: The Safe Place by Anna Downes

Australian-based British writer Anna Downes’ debut novel is an intense domestic thriller.


Theatre review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2

After 49 weeks, The Boy Who Lived returns to the Melbourne stage – the first international production of the sequel…


Book Review: The Scomo Diaries by Tosh Greenslade and Andrew Weldon

Tosh Greenslade and Andrew Weldon mercilessly lampoon the prime minister.


Exhibition Review: NGV Triennial, NGV International

A wonderful and immersive experience, the Triennial takes the visitor on a long and circuitous journey through time and space.


Book Review: Living with the Anthropocene

Edited by Cameron Muir, Kirsten Wehner and Jenny Newell, these excellent essays speak more of loss than of hope.


Theatre Review: James Galea’s Best Trick Ever

A family friendly vibe, Galea leads the way as our charming host of Best Trick Ever presented at the Sydney…


Theatre Review: Beanstalk, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Comedian, actor, writer and director Sam Longley beautifully brings to life the 'revised' version of Jack and the Beanstalk.


Music Review: Tempora Mutantur, Australian Haydn Ensemble

In times like these we are privileged to be presented with a magnificent triple bill full of splendid playing.


Book Review: The Stranger Artist by Quentin Sprague

This book abounds with fascinating anecdotes about the lives of Kimberley artists.

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