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Call for Exhibition - Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video Group Exhibition in Rome city, Italy. January 2025 FREE ENTRY Photographers, visual designers and video…

Call for Artists


Open Call ReA! Art Fair 2025

Beginning May 15th the open call dedicated to emerging Italian and international artists to participate in the fifth edition of…

Installation in dark room with paper floating over a pool of water and chalk on walls. Archie Moore.

First Nations artist wins Golden Lion Award at Venice Biennale

In a first, the Australian Pavilion wins the celebrated international award with an installation by First Nations artist Archie Moore.

Career Advice

Travelling? Savour your time, don’t network, says gallerist

After a whirlwind trip to Basel and Venice, MARS Director Andy Dinan offers her advice on how to make the…


The Pope is Pop

The Catholic Church finally has a new Pope, so we only thought it fitting to take a look at the…


Hidden Da Vinci painting discovered

Art historians believe they have discovered a lost painting by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.

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Is beauty in the brain of the beholder?

Have you ever considered why one object of art moved you in its beauty whilst you found another to be…

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Everything old is new again

The world's oldest and most lionised contemporary art show, the Venice Biennale, has delivered a 51st installment of precedent setting…