The Pope is Pop

The Catholic Church finally has a new Pope, so we only thought it fitting to take a look at the ways in which this religious figure has been depicted throughout popular culture.
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Following the burst of white smoke that indicates the Catholic Church has chosen a new Pope, much of the world was ripe with anticipation to discover just who this new figure was. Was he young? Old? European? Anti-gay marriage? Pro-abortion? Despite a steady decline in religion, the choosing of a new pope continues to spark worldwide chatter. Following the recent election of Pope Francis, one did not have to look far to find a string of social media jokes based around Pope Francis allegedly being a pretty dedicated soccer fan. Yes, the Pope continues to spark conversation even amongst those who are not religious. And, naturally, anything that grabs the interest of the public has been carefully documented throughout popular culture. The Pope is no exception. Here are some of the greatest Pope references that popular culture has to offer.

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Isabelle Laskari
About the Author
Isabelle Laskari is a freelance writer.