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Exploring the potentials of hybrid work

A breadth of research shows that hybrid work arrangements should take into account lessons from COVID rather than a blanket…

Opinions & Analysis

How art intervenes in an emergency

An artistic inquiry into disaster preparedness is in its last days and David Pledger thinks it has much to tell…

Opinions & Analysis

The 'Creative Economy' is divisive language

A panel of thinkers and academics tackled the misperceptions around the Creative Economy, and how the arts and culture sector…


New research examines link between culture and inequalities

There is clear evidence that the kinds of culture Australians have access to depends on their social backgrounds, new research…


9 in 10 arts audiences will return as pandemic fears ease

A national survey of over 23,000 respondents shows that 67% of audiences will return to arts venues once they believe…

Opinions & Analysis

Why marketing is important now, more than ever

With COVID-19 closures, visibility for arts organisations is more important than ever to maintain audiences, and grow new support.

Opinions & Analysis

Advocating for mothers as artists

Sustaining a creative career is difficult for mothers, but as Dr Jackie Bailey argues there is a growing awareness of…


New report confirms arts' benefits for health, aging and wellbeing

Commissioned by think tank A New Approach, the report adds to the growing evidence that arts and culture has major…


Reduce workplace stress by escaping the office through art

New research shows that art in the workplace improves mental fatigue, suggesting a valuable commercial opportunity for artists.


Beef, coal, and hot tracks: Aus music exports earn $195 million each year

Australian music is performing remarkably overseas, according to a new Australia Council report.

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