Radical access: the future of access in the arts

Stellar thinkers and doers gather to consider radical access and the future of an inclusive arts industry.
A clock face that is warping and dissolving on the right into its dark background.

It was the great imaginist Albert Einstein, who suggested time and space were intertwined in an infinite fabric stretching across the universe, curving stylishly around every planetary body and embracing all matter with a snuggly hug.

Apart from rock star creative thinking, astrophysics and inclusive arts have two other things in common – time and space. Except ours is a weighted blanket and the bodies are those of d/Deaf and Disabled arts practitioners, philosophers and paying guests. Disabled arts leaders pretty much agree that time and space are the fundamental markers essential for us to do our job well. No one in astrophysics believes in a flat earth, yet society still expects Disabled people to operate on an abled linear.

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Heidi Everett is a writer, multi-disciplinary artist and performer, independent producer, mental health and neurodivergent Lived Experience advocate. She founded and directs Schizy Inc, one of Australia's most established disability-led arts organisations for people with complex mental health. Heidi is a Writers Victoria Write-ability fellowship alumni, with a memoir 'My Friend Fox' published by Ultimo Press. Heidi's work in the arts and advocacy include Victoria Government Disability Award Volunteer and Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council Human RIghts award, as well as industry recognition in music, comedy, visual art and theatre.