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We need to talk about money in the arts

Having open conversations about what we earn and how we manage money is the only way to a richer arts…

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Seven career lessons from intergenerational artists

Career journeys offer many pathways. A group of artists aged from 26 to 66, share advice on managing the options…


Mental health for creative people: five tips to thrive

Aimee Davies, founder of The Hey Mate Project, understands the unique mental health challenges for those in the arts and…

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So you want my arts job: Narrative Designer

Wondering who's behind the stories in video games? Narrative Designer Alexander Swords explains the scope of his job and player…

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Changing the direction of your arts practice – when, why and how?

London-based ceramicist, Chris Keenan, and other artists discuss what it means to change the direction of their arts practice.

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How to deal with a Machivellian boss

Manipulative, distrustful, self-serving: learning to spot the signs of a Machiavellian personality can be important in the workplace, argue Nelly…

A glass jar half full of American coins and a few dollar notes labeled with the words "retirement" on it.

When can artists afford to retire?

The official retirement age in Australia has just gone up. But when do artists typically clock off from their working…

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So you want my arts job: Actor

Acting is just standing around pretending, right? Not so, says Aaron Walton, about a craft that is more complicated than…

Graphic illustration of a stressed woman
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Why you need to stop obsessing about your potential

Feel like you're held hostage by the pressure of living up to your potential? Verity Johnson has put together a…

A group of seven happy high school students linking arms and posing for a group photo outside a museum.

Handling the work experience kids: there must be a better way

Does your organisation buckle under the strain at work experience placement time? Read on for some simple tactics to streamline…

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