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Caleb Azumah Nelson in Conversation with Bernardine Evaristo

One of the leading literary voices of his generation, Caleb Azumah Nelson, launches the paperback of Small Worlds, his lyrical…

Closing: 24 Apr 2024

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Spring Debuts Panel with Julia Armfield: Kaliane Bradley, Oisín McKenna & Gianni Washington

Three authors of some of the hottest debuts of the year talk to Julia Armfield about becoming a novelist in…

Closing: 23 May 2024

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Move over Millennials, it’s time for older women writers to shine

Are the works of older women writers writing about their lives a new Australian publishing trend?

overseas literary residencies. Image is of a passport, a little toy plan, a sunhat, notebook and sunglasses - all on the wooden boards of a tabletop.

Overseas literary residences: inspiration will last longer than the trip

What are some of the benefits and challenges of applying for an overseas literary residence?

Rebecca F Kuang speaking at All About Women 2024, Sydney Opera House. Photo: Jaimi Joy. Kuang is wearing a black sleeveless dress with floral patterns with her hands raised in the middle of explaining something. She has black tied-up hair and a black fringe. On the left is the cover of ‘Yellowface’, with two slanted almond eyes on a bright yellow background.

Yellowface: insights from Rebecca F Kuang

Rebecca F Kuang’s debut literary fiction, ‘Yellowface’ has taken the publishing world by storm. She revealed more about the book's…


Arteles Creative Center

Fall into Focus - residency program in Finland, Fall 2024

Residency program for artists, writers and researchers who want to concentrate on their creative practice, projects, writing or research.

Reading. On the left is an headshot of a smiling middle-aged woman with a white collared jumper and a white/blonde bob with a fringe. On the right is a book cover with the title Angle of Fire, and an illustration of a person in a hospital bed with a plaster cast on their leg and a breathing mask. Another person is falling/flying downwards in pyjamas. And a third can be seen from behind sitting in a seat at the bottom of the frame.

Why reading can help kids impacted by COVID-era school closures

Teaching children resilience through books.

Still from recording of feature writing workshop at The Channel - Arts Centre Melbourne. Two women are sitting on stage against a black backdrop. On the left is Celina, an Asian Australian woman in her mid-20s with a black bob, denim jacket and black dress. On the right is Madeleine, a middle aged Caucasian woman wearing a blue and white floral shirt and white pants.

ArtsHub writing workshop: Feature Writing

In this session, ArtsHub's Madeleine Swain and Celina Lei run through feature writing from pitch to publish.

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