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The Chateau Gallery (TCG)


Monochromatic is an exhibition exploring the emphasis of color in the captured image. A monochrome photograph is commonly considered a…


The Chateau Gallery (TCG)

The Abstract Image

The Abstract Image highlights the transformative power of abstraction in photography, allowing us to break free from reality and explore…



FREE FILM : NYC Call for Photographers

WORTHLESSSTUDIOS is pleased to announce the sixth neighborhood for FREE FILM : NYC. After traveling through the city and making…



Call for Photographs: Becoming Visible

Who gets visibility in the public realm? What gets forgotten or rendered (in)visible? How can photographs refuse erasure and act…

Gabrielle d'Estrées and one of her sisters (c. 1594). Artist unknown. Oil on canvas. Louvre, Paris. Public domain.

Breasts in art: a tender celebration

Revered, adored, feared – breasts are rarely just another body part in art. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month we take…


Who is Atong Atem, the Australian artist showing at Tate Modern?

Atong Atem's photography allows the past and the future to co-exist in powerful ways, and its being noticed internationally.


Voices of resistance: Iranian artists using art to amplify calls for freedom

As protests for women’s freedom in Iran enter the seventh month, Iranian artists around the world continue to support the…

The young Asia Businesswoman makes parcel for online studio business.
Career Advice

27 things I learned starting a new art business

How to turn old learnings from portfolio careers into new gains, when starting a studio-based business.