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path. Image is a green hedge maze.

Entering theatre at different life stages – taking another path

Some arts practitioners follow a straight line into their chosen profession. Others take a more circuitous path. Moving from the…


Postcard from Edinburgh

With over 3500 registered shows, the Edinburgh Fringe can seem a daunting prospect. So here are ArtsHub's top recommendations...

Education & Student News

Art for kids shouldn’t shy from difficult topics

Theatre is a powerful space for self-discovery, but also a platform to open up difficult discussions and build empathy for…

Career Advice

Fringe benefits: does playing Edinburgh really help your career?

Four Australian artists reflect on their trip to the world’s biggest arts festival and consider whether the benefits of attending…


Sex on stage doesn’t have to be awkward

Verity Johnson explores the art of staged intimacy and offers tips for avoiding the cringe factor.

A woman hatches from a a giant egg, with some of the shell worn as a hat. She wears a quizzical expression and holds one hand up to gesture at her egg-hat.
Career Advice

How to make the most of a Fringe festival

Three Fringe festival veterans on why they love Fringe and their advice for newcomers.


Ping pong meets puppetry at Birmingham 2022 Festival

First Nations musician DENNI and puppet company Terrapin have created a new take on a national anthem.


Vale Peter Brook, an ever innovative director

Paul Rae explores the enduring but complex legacy of British theatre director Peter Brook, who died on Saturday, aged 97.


Hate crime inspires new oratorio

The 50th anniversary of the drowning of Dr Duncan will be commemorated in a new composition at this year’s Adelaide…

Career Advice

Why drama is the most important school subject

As students return to school, drama offers space to reconnect, but it’s also where vital life skills are learned.