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Enough with the selfies; look at the art

US museum guard Dereck Stafford Mangus urges museum goers to put their phones down, just for a minute.


Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here is why the absurd act is more than a…

Opinions & Analysis

How museums could light up and display more of the world’s precious objects for longer

Emrah Baki Ulas explores how new advances in lighting technology can improve museum displays for visitors while also addressing preservation.

Opinions & Analysis

20x20: Fighting the slaughter of arts journalism

This week, as part of our 20x20 series celebrating 20 years of ArtsHub, we revisit the state of art criticism,…

Opinions & Analysis

Glocalism: COVID inspires the local blockbuster

As international art freight has become more difficult in a COVID and climate concerned world, major local exhibitions are the…

Opinions & Analysis

Could paid entry become the new norm for galleries and museums?

Research shows that numbers drop off when museum entry is imposed, but are there ways around it to bolster revenue?

Opinions & Analysis

Why marketing is important now, more than ever

With COVID-19 closures, visibility for arts organisations is more important than ever to maintain audiences, and grow new support.

Opinions & Analysis

Making a Museum of Happiness

In a world of political polarisation, environmental emergency and inequality, can museums become centres that improve mental health? Tony Butler…

Opinions & Analysis

Terra nullius is Australia's unfinished business

Addressing the climate emergency and improving relationships with Indigenous Australians and Pacific Islanders means building people-to-people exchange, according to our…

Opinions & Analysis

The return of Moon Mania, but are we asking the right questions?

Why Australia's space race is caught in nostalgia, when we should be asking if it’s responsible to glorify space advancement…

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