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Opportunity shimmers as more artists raise a toast to glass

The resurgence of ceramics is being nudged over by a new interest in glass, with a burst of exhibitions and…

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What's STEM without the flower?

Education’s hottest topic is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) while the subjects that teach us human values are undervalued.

Opinions & Analysis

Is Taylor Swift a Nasty Girl? (and why you should care)

The recent furore over a dress worn by Taylor Swift has lessons for designers in how to protect your creative…

Opinions & Analysis

Arts education: an antidote to cat memes

Will future historians view the internet as heralding a new Dark Age, a time of lost opportunity and widespread cultural…

Opinions & Analysis

Embracing the elusive

Following widespread reaction to the powerful contention that art should disturb not please, we publish Leysen's full speech.

Opinions & Analysis

Artists versus arts workers

Arts managers are an important part of the sector but they are kidding themselves if they think they are artists.

Opinions & Analysis

Creative relaxation: the healing potential of interactive art

BrightHearts is a relaxation training app that translates changes in heart rate into a calming interactive art experiences.

Opinions & Analysis

Savage theme has far from serene results

The theme of an international photographic competition draws on stereotypes, undermining the work of portrait photographers.

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Design predictions for the year ahead

2014 looks set to build on the exciting work of last year when it comes to brand design.

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Opinions & Analysis

Hats off to Mr Jones

I spent four days in seven at my old job working for the BBC, and one day a week helping…

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