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Photo:, Pexels. Hands cutting out design drawings for project in a light-filled studio space. There are books and reference images on a wooden table.

5 books to gift your beloved crafters

Book recommendations for crafters and makers that include DIY with cat hair, resurgence of visible mending, writers on knitting and…

white robotic art against black backgrounds. Future arts jobs.

My arts job in 2030

Have you hedged your bets correctly? Does your job have a future – or a different future? ArtsHub takes a…

image of a Hong Kong created in Lego

10 mind-blowing LEGO creations on Instagram

From emotive storytelling to gravity-defying creations, these Instagram accounts are exemplifying the possibilities of LEGO.


New trends in visible storage in museums

What exactly is ‘visible storage’ in today’s museum environment of greater accessibility, and how is it changing how museums are…

Interview view of art museum with glass ceiling

The Burrell offers lessons in renewal for museums and galleries

Architect Troy Uleman says 'turning old into new is imperative to reducing carbon emissions and waste', when it comes to…


COVID-19 has been a boon for crafts

Who’d have thought a pandemic would trigger a global renaissance for the craft sector, as a balm for both the…


WA Museum to re-open and redefine standards

With a budget of almost $400M, the transformed WA Museum not only looks light and open, but champions a new…


Handwritten valentines create a legacy of love and literacy

Writing messages to those we care for fosters a sense of relationship, connection and well-being through literacy, creates meaning and…


Wellness as the new disruptor

Technology use is leading a wellness revolution and more authentic place making according to speakers at REMIX Sydney.


Code, print and bang! How code is impacting design

From 3D printed guns to fashion accessories and kids playing blocks, HELLO WORLD is an exhibition that looks at the…

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