10 mind-blowing LEGO creations on Instagram

From emotive storytelling to gravity-defying creations, these Instagram accounts are exemplifying the possibilities of LEGO.
image of a Hong Kong created in Lego

1. Katherine Duclos

Katherine Duclos is an artist based in Vancouver who has AuDHD and builds colourful complex works with LEGO. She often paints her LEGO artworks with a curated palette, and makes commission pieces for collectors to her work. Some works have rotatable features that can be interacted with, though she never glues the bricks and, instead, embraces the tactility of the work.

Apart from LEGO, Duclos also works with bubble wrap, and makes screen collages, dot paintings, sculptural installations and more.

2. Zachary Steinman

Zachary Steinman is a LEGO builder and designer whose works have been described as “alien” with their perfected geometric forms and maze-like layouts. His process tends to be spontaneous, with many creations being one-off pieces that are later recycled to become something else entirely.

3. Stevie Bear (brieflybricks) and Big Gay Al (blzbricks)

These two are frequent collaborators working on LEGO projects with storytelling. The Yin Yang is rich with metaphors and representations from the two creatives, who described the process as art therapy. The narrative piece is accompanied by a video and story, which begins: ‘It was from a solitary tear that Despair was born and in response her brother Hope came into existence.’ Watch it here.

4. Ekow Nimako

Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Ekow Nimako uses LEGO to explore Black identity, with creations that are surreal, mystical and magnificent. Afrofuturism is embedded in his work, which is largely constructed from black bricks. His large-scale works have been exhibited at Berlin’s Urban Art Biennale, and toured to the UK in 2023.

5. M’BricK

M’BricK, a former professional sportsman turned artist, uses LEGO bricks to create realist “paintings” that appear pixelated when viewed from afar, but reveal their mind-blowing three-dimensionality when viewed close up.

6. Ralf Langer

Ralf Langer is a German software engineer, who lives in Cologne, the city renowned for its Gothic architecture. One of Langer’s first LEGO designs was of a clustered medieval town. He specialises in complex builds with a range of plants and houses, with the work shown in the Instagram post recently exhibited at Denmark’s LEGO House.

7. Aido Kessler

If you think LEGO creations can only be boxy and rigid, then think again with the work of Aido Kessler. An AFOL (adult fan of LEGO) based in Australia, Kessler created an intricate hanging design for Brickvention, a LEGO fan convention that was held in Melbourne this year.

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8. Caleb (caleb_created) and Alex (al_build)

From Channel 9’s LEGO Masters Australia television series comes Caleb and Alex, who have created quirky and mesmerising works. Their other creations include Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear inside a claw machine, a crocodile in a bath tub, Chewbacca from Star Wars and more. Check out the amazing breadth of talent on LEGO Masters Australia.

10. Luca Petraglia

This architectural model by Italian LEGO builder Luca Petraglia doesn’t even look like it’s constructed out to LEGO blocks. The Trevi Fountain 2.0 contains its own lights to illuminate the fountain, as well as the building’s exterior. Petraglia also makes instructions that can be purchased for others to try his builds, or MOCs (My Own Creations).

Apart from these amazing artists, there are many more talented LEGO creators around the world to check out, including exhibitions and galleries dedicated to the art of LEGO, such as RELICS by Perth LEGO masters Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler, and Muzeum LEGA in Prague, the world’s biggest LEGO museum.

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