Three bestselling Australian authors you may never have heard of

With one in four books now self-published, some of the most successful writers fly under the radar in the literary world.

When we talk about the publishing industry, most people think of the traditional publishing industry, but alongside it is a robust and viable independent publishing scene. Joanna Penn, on her Creative Penn podcast, says, ‘The stigma of self-publishing is almost gone.’

That may be true, but in Australia it still lingers with indie authors being excluded from prizes and professional development opportunities such as creative writing grants, even though indie authors are a million-dollar industry.

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Amra Pajalić is an award-winning author, editor and teacher who draws on her Bosnian cultural heritage to write own voices stories for young people, who, like her, are searching to mediate their identity and take pride in their diverse culture. She is also the owner and publisher of Pishukin Press, an independent press that publishes underrepresented authors in fiction and nonfiction.