Conscious casting in the world of voiceover acting

While the stage and screen industries are shifting towards a colour-conscious casting culture, the voiceover world is only just catching up.
Wylde Flowers Conscious Voice over acting Casting

In recent years, the debate regarding accurate and authentic representation has dominated stage and screen casting. ‘Colourblind casting’ was the first solution offered, whereby productions cast actors irrespective of ethnicity. This approach soon included gender and sexual identity, with the aim being to open every role to all.

Shortly after, ‘colour-conscious casting’ and its equivalents were put forward. An advancement on colourblind casting, this movement sought to recognise the profound importance of honouring diverse stories and characters.

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Tahlia Norrish (@tahlianorrish) is an Aussie-Brit actor, writer, and current MPhil Candidate at the University of Queensland's School of Sport Sciences. After graduating from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Distinction, Acting & Musical Theatre) and Rose Bruford College (First Class Hons, Acting), Tahlia founded The Actor's Dojo — a pioneering coaching program centred on actor peak performance and holistic well-being.