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Gaelic Plans Fund - Strategic Stream

This scheme is currently open, with applications for the Projects Stream open until 18 April 2024 and applications for the Strategic Stream open until 30 May 2024.

The Gaelic Plans Fund, formerly the Gaelic Language Act Implementation Fund (GLAIF), is available to help public authorities in the delivery of commitments in their Gaelic Language Plans, and in support of the new National Gaelic Language Plan 2023-28. The Gaelic Plans Fund has also been used to assist other public authorities in the delivery of projects ahead of their formal notice to produce a Gaelic Language Plan.

Further details on projects awarded funding from GLAIF from 2018/19 onwards are available via GrantNav.

This year the scheme will run in two streams – the Strategic Stream and the Projects Stream:

  • The Strategic Stream offers 6 local authorities the opportunity to submit an application each on the basis of 3-year funding to show how they will implement Gaelic development in their areas in line with the National Gaelic Language Plan and their published Gaelic language plans
  • The Projects Stream offers all other public bodies the opportunity to apply for up to 3 projects each to be delivered in 2024/25 (operating as the Gaelic Plans Fund and GLAIF did previously)

Guidelines for Applicants and an application form can be accessed below. If you have any questions please contact

For more information, visit Bòrd na Gàidhlig