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The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui is New Zealand’s online hub for creative people. Our aim is to support talented, innovative individuals and organisations, back the creative industries and advocate for creativity as an essential ingredient in the cultural and economic wealth of New Zealand. The Big Idea provides resources for the whole creative sector, including those seeking to turn their ‘big ideas’ into viable projects, careers and businesses. We are the go-to destination for work opportunities, event listings, arts stories and creative inspiration. The Big Idea is a not-for-profit trust started in 2001 and is New Zealand’s longest running creative sector website.

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Career Advice

Back yourself: an honest guide on how to be a creative freelancer

Thinking about going on the 'lance? Valuable advice about diving into the freelance world from an illustrator, a writer and…

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Autism and the arts

What can creatives can do to help raise acceptance and awareness of neurodiverse artists living with autism?

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Career Advice

Why you need to stop obsessing about your potential

Feel like you're held hostage by the pressure of living up to your potential? Verity Johnson has put together a…

Career Advice

10 top tips on how to make your own movie

Former Director of South Seas Film School, producer, director and self-confessed movie nut, Adam Fresco offers a hands-on guide to…

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Career Advice

Advice on how to take your art into ‘business mode’

Sefton Rani is keeping it real - the Toipoto visual artist shares his words of wisdom on what he's learned…

Career Advice

Guide on submitting a manuscript

Tips from arts writer and critic Andrew Wood on how to get your written work in front of the right…


Sex on stage doesn’t have to be awkward

Verity Johnson explores the art of staged intimacy and offers tips for avoiding the cringe factor.

Career Advice

Does passion really spring eternal?

What happens when the passion runs dry in your creative project, The Big Idea's Verity Johnson asks?

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Career Advice

Is your creative block really a log jam?

Verity Johnson wonders if your creative block is due to too much inspiration, not a lack of it.