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The Dragon and the Whales

The tale of a dragon that grows up among whales.

Once upon a time there was a dragon, who lived on an island in the middle of a wide, blue ocean. When her island comes under threat from pirates, she is forced to drop her precious jewelled egg into the deeps of the sea, entrusting it to the care of her friends, the whales. After hatching, the fledgling dragon begins to grow up among the kind-hearted whales. But all dragons’ feelings come from the fire in their hearts, and because the baby dragon is born underwater, her fire cannot burn. Swept by the ocean currents around her, the dragon starts a blazing adventure to find out how to ignite her heart and discover her true self.

A tale for young audiences about growing up, celebrating your differences and finding your place in the world, with imaginative fantastical puppet creatures, projections, music and charming storytelling.

Event starts
Thursday 4 April, 2019
Event Ends
Thursday 18 April, 2019
Various venues
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Various venues

Scotland, Various venues

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