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The Mighty Tanpura(s) by Gundecha Brothers

A chance to get an insight into the tanpura – the base drone instrument fundamental to the Indian classical music system.

The humble tanpura is a drone instrument of Indian music prevalent in both the Hindustani and the Carnatic systems. It plays an important role in a concert of classical music by providing the base note (adharaswara) and by creating an aesthetic ambience on the stage. By its function of providing a background, the tanpura provides neither a specific note nor a rhythm. Instead, it creates a circle of certain pitches which by themselves do not produce a melody. The Gundecha brothers will demonstrate the instrument and its role within the classical tradition and for meditation.

Event starts
Sunday 13 October, 2019
Event ends
Sunday 13 October, 2019
Fountain Room, Barbican Centre
Venue Address
Silk Street

London , London

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