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My Leonard Cohen comes to London for two shows only, ahead of returning to Edinburgh for a 3rd time, by popular demand, after sell out shows and rave reviews in Edinburgh, the Adelaide Fringe and at the Sydney Opera House. 

D'Arrietta and his band of world class musicians perform stirring interpretations of Cohen's powerful work, framed by a personal narrative and a bit of poetry. 

The stories give an insight into Cohen's life and his motivations, with a good dose of laconic humour. 

Cohen’s best, including the heartrending Suzanne, the iconic Tower Of Song, the desperately sensual I’m Your Man, the apocolyptic Future and the mournful, but mighty Hallelujah - all delivered as you've never heard them before.

Soulful lyrics laced with raw emotion, sheer seductiveness and D'Arrietta's signature gravelly voice.

‘’a show not just for Cohen lovers, but for anyone with a true love of music, theatre and great musicianship” Stage Whispers

"above all, very, very fun" Broadway Baby ****

“My Leonard Cohen is a show for both newcomers as well as golden Leonard lovers and is both intimate as well as big entertainment” Beat Magazine

“a fine performer in his own right and a terrifically skilled band… expect paced up songs, expect tango and Texas, hard rock and enough overlap with Cohen’s own style to satisfy, surprise and delight” ★★★★★ Fringe Review

“Cohen himself would have paid to see this” ★★★★★ Daily Business UK

“surpasses mere imitation.” ★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser

“D’Arrietta is the full package both as musician and entertainer.” Daily Telegraph

Q and A with the 'Wonder from Down Under', Stewart D'Arrietta

Q: You’re Australian. Why do you come over here?
A: I love the UK; the history, the culture, and the fact that people appreciate what we do. Plus I get to work with your great local musicians.

Q: Any other connection to the UK?
A: My great great grandfather was a spy for the British during the Napoleonic Wars. He was Basque, & informed the British on the movement of the French troops.
In 1820 the British Government rewarded him with a land grant of 2,000 acres in New South Wales, Australia. Unfortunately, he lost the whole lot in a card game!

Q: Why do you do a Leonard Cohen tribute show?
A: It’s not a tribute show! It is a homage; a show about him and his music. I don’t try to impersonate him. I tell stories of his life and motivations, and recite a bit of poetry. And I weave my own form of magic into the songs; giving them different feels: some rock, some tango, klezmer, we even take one down to New Orleans.
Leonard loved other people doing their own versions of his music, by the way!

Q: Why Leonard Cohen?
A: He is one of the greatest songwriters of our time.
I love the seductive nature of his songs. And the poetry.
Each and every song started off as a poem, you know.

Q: How many in the band, and how many songs do you play?
A: I have a 6 piece band and we do 18 of Leonard Cohen’s best loved songs.


Event starts
Monday 17 June, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 23 June, 2019
Venue Address
Southbank SE18XX

London, London

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