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Text As: Michael McShane & Ekaterina Luzgina

Text As: will be an experimental space occupied by words in all their forms, as actors in space, as modes of transport for ideas, as sculptural forms and rhythmic melodies for the ear.

Since the earliest impressions pushed into clay tablets, re-producible text has been a way to capture ideas and transmit them through time and space. During this residency the artists will make words, give words, take words, throw them across a room, pick them up and dance with them, immerse themselves and pile them up.

They will search for a collective vernacular by colliding their native tongues of Russian and English, two text based worlds, (with structural and logical differences) with Exhibitionno shared alphabet and radically different phonic sounds. McShane & Luzgina aim to orchestrate a month of discursive dialogue through sculpture, printmaking, performance, and pirate radio, inviting other voices to join them in disassembling meaning. By making fluid and resetting the encoded structures and sounds that exists within the written word, McShane & Luzgina aim to simultaneously retain the linguistic intention whilst introducing new dimensions of interpretation.

A multimedia, multi-authored, accumulation of people’s words.Formal, Forming, Performing, Phonetic from the printed word, the monumental word, the enacted word and the broadcasted word.

Event starts
Tuesday 2 April, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 28 April, 2019
Campbell Works
Venue Address
27 Belfast Road

London, London