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Swamp Protocol

arebyte Gallery is pleased to present Swamp Protocol, a protean compression of data by 18 artists working across digital media, installation, performance, machine learning, music, film and poetry. At arebyte Gallery, it is remixed and presented as a site-specific film installation including a spatial 8-channel sound work by producer and genre fluid DJ Anni Nöps.

Swamp Protocol is the first project by Most Dismal Swamp, an experimental art platform and record label simulating and exploring a contemporary ecology that has come to be defined by the hallucinatory entanglement of multiple logics, systems, temporalities, and realities: a mixed-reality paradigm; a pervasive, horizonless swampscape.

Swamp Protocol focuses on the endemic habits of orientation that characterise life in the swampscape: How does one, or indeed a community, engage with an environment of this nature (and vice versa)? What can be learned from the emergent rituals and tacit procedures necessary for navigating such a shared space? Is there a collective rationality emerging from the digitally altered states wrought by the swampscape? 
Most Dismal Swamp proposes that a revived image of the swamp can be used as a tool to achieve the task of making our present intelligible, and will continue to build upon this heuristic image throughout its future collaborative projects.

Further projects of Most Dismal Swamp include Whale Fall, an online presentation and gallery installation at Gossamer Fog, London, launching 29 March 2019; an ongoing series of Dismal Sessions hosted online, featuring audio-visual mixes by artists and musicians; and a free launch party taking place at Dreambags Jaguarshoes, London, 29 March 2019 from 10pm, featuring live music by Anni Nöps, Jennifer Walton, Exploited Body, Astrid Gnosis, Iceboy Violet and Mang, as well as live visuals by Laila blebleble and Joey Holder.

Event starts
Friday 22 February, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 17 March, 2019
arebyte Gallery
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7 Botanic Square, Leamouth Peninsula

London, London