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BREXIT: THE £1 ART SHOW - A new exhibition by Carlos Cortes

GX Gallery is proud to present BREXIT: THE £1 ART SHOW, a new exhibition by Carlos Cortes. In preparation for a new dawn in his career – and in British history – London-based Spanish artist Carlos Cortes presents a show fit for the deregulated economy to come.

Original art for sale at a £1 starting price! That is BREXIT ART for you!

This democratic approach sidesteps the elites and allows anyone to own art... By streamlining resources, the artist can join the burgeoning gig economy and increase his sales tenfold while seriously reducing his own income.

In an attempt to create a large “fresco” that reflects the mood of the country in these uncertain times, the show features more than 100 drawings/characters -and their individual stories-. It also includes an interactive display with portraits of some the people in Government that are so brilliantly leading this historic challenge. Visitors are actively encouraged to express their feelings about them.

The exhibition closes with a big Auction Party on 28 March 2019, just in time for the artist to join the long list of Brexiteers who have already relocated abroad. This will be a shameless attempt to flee the country with all his profits, just before the Port of Dover gets swamped and the supply chain collapses. A great way of making sure he is future-proofed, and ready for huge revenue opportunities abroad!

Remember the collapse of the Berlin Wall? That was nothing compared to this! Join us and make history by owning an original “BREXIT, THE £1 ART SHOW” piece for less than the price of a coffee!

Event starts
Tuesday 12 March, 2019
Event Ends
Thursday 28 March, 2019
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