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Jessica K Ballantyne

Animal in You: How would it feel to dive into your own surreal, dream world through an inkblot painting?

Animal in You is a crowdfunding event in June/July culminating in a virtual, online exhibition in December 2020. Animal in You is a project by Jessica K Ballantyne which offers lovers of art and the human mind a chance to collaborate to produce a series of 60 oil paintings (35x35cm) guided by their interpretation of an inkblot and inspired by what they see within the shapes and forms of the paint.

Animal in You explores and celebrates animal symbolism and the subconscious mind and is inspired by the writing of Carl Jung. If the campaign is funded, there will be a virtual, exhibition and live stream of the Animal in You paintings.

The paintings will form a surreal menagerie of artworks on display in a dreamy, interactive, virtual environment.The artist plans to take the experience even further by creating a memorable book of the inkblot paintings which will include animal archetypes, quotes from participants and potentially, from a qualified psychologist.

Event starts
Tuesday 1 December, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 31 December, 2020
Venue Address

London , London

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