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Teaching doctors empathy through art

Health care students are developing their empathy, moral insight and cultural awareness through a program that helps them look at…

Opinions & Analysis

Is a Master of Fine Arts the ‘new MBA’?

Enlightened universities are now embedding the principles of design and creativity into their business schools, as businesses recognise the value…


10 gems from Tim Minchin

VIDEO: 10 witty and wise pieces of advice from comedian and musician Tim Minchin. The first video in our new…


Reading, ‘riting and swiping: the creative cost

Digital media now dictates a child's initial experience of literature, art and - most worryingly - often creative discovery.

Career Advice

50 ways to make money in the arts

The more income streams you have, the more opportunities you have to make art. The most successful artists can check…

Opinions & Analysis

Open rehearsals changing audience perceptions

Open rehearsals are not just an audience development strategy. They change public understanding of how art is made.


Finding the theatre in the politics

A bricklayer at a barbie held the key to turning the tragedy of asbestos into Dust, a dramatic case study…


How to get good marks in creative courses

Assessment doesn't have to be the dark cousin of learning. In creative arts, educators are using new contextual models better…


Development Methods: Bryan Elsley and the hard facts of an enchanted future

Bryan Elsley, who ran the Deadlock emerging writers scheme in Byron Bay, has some fascinating ideas about development, authenticity, new…


How music trumps reading for childhood development

A new study suggests that informal music-making with very young children can lead to better attention and emotion regulation by…

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