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Career Advice

Internships: valuable work experience or glorified volunteering? 

Before you go chasing an internship hoping for on-the-job training, there are many factors to consider.

Career Advice

Why drama is the most important school subject

As students return to school, drama offers space to reconnect, but it’s also where vital life skills are learned.

Career Advice

What do screen students want? Some answers from VCA and Griffith

While students play with their new tools, teachers pick the true artists, and watch them learn the strength to compromise.

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Discovering resilience in music and arts education

In our latest podcast we talk with Associate Professor Rick Chew about the evolution of arts education and how performing…

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Rethinking the future of performance

Postgraduates are asking the right questions at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


New research examines link between culture and inequalities

There is clear evidence that the kinds of culture Australians have access to depends on their social backgrounds, new research…


What salons can teach us about conversation

The European salon has much to offer the arts – from better discourse to ways to disagree – argues John…

Opinions & Analysis

Helping universities' threatened humanities

The recent fee increases for university humanities degrees will have knock-on effect for the arts. Fleur Kilpatrick argues that now…


8 ideas for artists homeschooling kids

If you are a parent with children, chances are you are a homeschooler now. Writer Elissa Blake has been homeschooling…

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At last, the convergence of art with technology in a disruptive degree

A brand new Master Degree at UNSW Art & Design deep dives into Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design while smashing…

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