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UAL Decolonising Arts Institute: 20/20 Call for Artists

We aim to develop stronger relationships between artists, collections and the communities they serve.

Call for Artists

Opportunity Details

Closing Date

Jun 6, 2022




Visual Arts

20/20 is a national programme led by UAL Decolonising Arts Institute.

Between now and 2024, we’re looking for 20 emerging artists of colour to take on 15-month paid virtual residencies at these museums, galleries and art collection partners. Each artist will produce a commissioned artwork that will become a permanent piece in their collection.

This is the first Call for Artists to take in the 20/20 programme. A second call will open in January 2023.

20/20 is led by UAL Decolonising Arts Institute and funded by Arts Council EnglandFreelands Foundation and UAL.

Who can apply

The call is open to emerging or mid-career artists of colour, with a demonstrable track record of professional practice, and the right to work in the UK.

You may identify as ‘emerging’ or ‘mid-career’ by your own criteria, which may include years out of college, employment breaks, career breaks or career changes.

You may also choose to identify as a ‘person of colour’ or not, and/or prefer other terms of reference as suggested by the #BAMEover statement for the UK, which rejects acronyms and calls for the specific recognition of people from different diasporas and diverse cultures and heritages. We further note that the term ‘artists of colour’ fails to make explicit the complexity of lived experiences of inequality, for example where racism intersects with gender, class and disability discrimination.

We acknowledge that ‘professional practice’ may not be continuous, and ‘relevant experience’ may be complexly defined.

How to apply

You’ll need:

  • a summary of your practice (250 words maximum / 2-3 minutes video)
  • a statement of your interest in the 20/20 project, your preferred choice of collection organisation and how you expect this to impact on your practice (250 words maximum / 2-3 minutes video)
  • an outline proposal relating to a specific collection (500 words maximum / 5 minutes video)
  • an outline budget (1 page maximum, in PDF or Word format)
  • your CV (2 pages maximum, in PDF or Word format)
  • a portfolio of your previous work, such as visual, audio or video material (up to 10 images in PNG or JPEG format or a single PDF document up to 5 pages with titles, dimensions, year of making and materials. For audio or video: links to your own website or platform, e.g. Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube).

Please read the Call for Artists document (PDF 359KB) for full details of the programme.

If you can’t apply this time, a second Call for Artists will open in January 2023.

For more information visit UAL Decolonising Arts Institute