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Dec 31, 2022




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PoArtMo stands for “Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum,” a concept based on the following tenets: 1. Family-friendliness & clean language – 2. Positivity and upliftment – 3. Inclusivity and respect for all.

Inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month), PoArtMo seeks to promote positive and inspirational art and creativity, and has two long-term goals:

  • Give a voice to projects, concepts, and stories that foster positive discussions and outcomes; and 
  • Build a nurturing, family-friendly community of like-minded individuals (ages 13 and over) around the world. 

The PoArtMo Anthology is a yearly publication that gives a voice to people whose stories and/or art seek to nurture hope and optimism.

Submission deadline: December 31, 2022.

Ages: 17 and over.

Language: English only.

Topic / Theme: Inspiration. We will consider every topic, except for erotica and politics. No swear words allowed.

Your work must contain an inspirational message.

Who can submit: Entrepreneurs, business owners, writers, artists, activists, philanthropists, and anyone else in between.

What we accept: Short stories, flash fiction, essays, drawings, paintings, photography, and digital art. No poetry, please.

Fee: $12 for up to three (3) pieces.

Payment to selected contributors: PDF copy of anthology + ongoing royalties (1% per published piece).

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