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At last, the convergence of art with technology in a disruptive degree

A brand new Master Degree at UNSW Art & Design deep dives into Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design while smashing…

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Rubbing shoulders with the future

Why cultural entrepreneurship works in our times of funding cuts, and tips from the experts on how to navigate new…

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Collaboration and the creative economy: The British Council in Australia

The British Council in Australia plays a vital role in fostering cultural leadership and helping local creative talent to make…

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Reimagining Play: Elevating creativity to new heights

British Council’s new program ELEVATE will bring creative thinkers together to find innovative solutions to practical challenges.

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Indigenous creatives ACCELERATE into leadership roles

Through its ACCELERATE program the British Council nurtures the leadership potential of Indigenous high achievers in the arts.

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Inclusivity Arts fundamental to a creative economy

The British Council is ideally placed to draw on the UK’s global leadership in Inclusivity arts policy and practice.

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Australia’s British Council Alumni

The British Council’s exchange programs play a vital role in developing the careers of Australian creative practitioners.

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Suits to cyborgs: the rise of smart fashion

Shoes with GPS and digital cosmetics with hologram colour are among the latest projects from fashion designers embracing technology.