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holding crate of empty bottles. Sustainable.
Career Advice

Tip from peers: how to have a more sustainable practice

From easing up on the travel to rethinking how we reuse things, creatives offer tips for a more sustainable way…

Photo of a cellphone on the table with a questioning emoji displayed on the screen against a white background.
Career Advice

5 considerations for your arts practice in 2024

Tips and resources for those starting out their arts practice, transitioning or looking to make it a full-time career.


Tips for launching your creative career

A compilation of resources and insights from working professionals to help you get a start in your creative career.

A young women with pink headphones on against a pink wall

Arts podcasts we’ve escaped to in 2021

After another big year of ups and downs, we can find refuge and entertainment in arts podcasts from 2021.


10 artists who use water as their medium

Making a splash, these contemporary artists challenge the gallery’s white cube and create a conservator’s nightmare, but people love to…


10 glass artists you should know

From elegant minimalism to quirky fantasy worlds, the ancient medium of glass is continually reinventing itself.


10 gems from Tim Minchin

VIDEO: 10 witty and wise pieces of advice from comedian and musician Tim Minchin. The first video in our new…


Banksy's top ten

Street artist Banksy is the focus of an unauthorised exhibition in Melbourne this summer, complete with food trucks and cocktails.


When car paint is a girl's best friend

Not a diamond in sight, but this contemporary jewellery will make you drool over pieces made of gardening equipment, velcro…


8 gold medal artworks to cheer the Olympics

To mark the opening of the Olympics, we walk through some of the most important artworks celebrating sport.

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