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A blue and black illustration of a lightbulb with symbols bursting out of it.

Roadmap to Success – Learning Module 1, Essential Elements

The second in a new series of videos offering practical advice for creative businesses and produced by The Big Idea…

Live wedding painter Rebekka Lord-John. Black and white photo of a woman with long straight hair, looking down at the canvas she is painting on. The photo is digitally manipulated to be on top of a purple background, with the words 'so you want my arts job?'
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Live Wedding Painter

Do you have the skills to spend five to seven hours painting at a wedding? Live wedding painter Rebekka Lord-Johnson…

pay rise. Over a business desk one hand passes a clipboard to someone else's hand.
Career Advice

How to succeed when negotiating a new salary or a pay rise

When negotiating for a pay rise, always take the time to consider the other party's situation and capabilities.

A strong project proposal can take idea into reality. Photo of a figure wearing a cardboard box on their head with the letters ‘BRAIN’. Above it is a hand holding the word ‘IDEA’ in red.
Career Advice

Good project proposals: 5 dos and don’ts

From open calls to grant applications, project proposals are assessed in a competitive process that can benefit from strategising.

Writers' festivals. A tiny papercut man in black holding up a page of a book.

5 tips to maximise your chances of being a guest at writers’ festivals

It's not easy to find yourself on the invitation list of literary festivals, but here are some ideas worth trying.

Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Interpretation and Content Development Officer

In her role of interpretation at the Museum of Australian Democracy, Alice McKenzie Ebbels deals with history rather than languages.

debut authors. An open book is lit by a single beam.
Career Advice

5 tips for debut authors

Congratulations on your first book. It's been a heady ride. But what now?

A man with a pale shirt and a beard is standing against a bluey-purply background with the words 'So you want my arts job' against it.
Career Advice

So you want my arts job: Theatre Critic

Aside from the glamour of swanning around on opening nights among the glitterati, being a theatre critic necessitates a lot…

Creative burnout is common and profoundly impact your health. In this picture, a woman with stained mascara holds up a smiley face to cover her sadness.

7 signs of severe creative burnout

Almost everyone experiences creative droughts, but how can you tell when you're genuinely putting your health at risk?

A brown dog sitting at someone's feet as they work at a desk. Pets workplace.

Pets in the workplace – pros and cons

To coincide with 'Take your dog to work day', ArtsHub canvasses the pros and cons of animals in the workplace.

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