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So you want my arts job: Exhibition Designer

If you have a keen eye for colour, materiality and space, then being an exhibition designer might be the job…

Career Advice

20 questions you've always wanted answered by a curator

To celebrate Ask A Curator Day, we posed 20 questions to 20 curators nationally, touching on topics from ethical responsibilities…

Career Advice

Thinking China – how to market to shifting tourism needs

The Chinese-speaking market is perhaps the greatest untapped audience for the arts. Charmaine Wong of Think China Australia tells us…

Career Advice

13 Tips for better inclusive practice

From art criticism to language choice, disability and education - local and international leaders in the disability arts sector offer…

Career Advice

Top 3 tips for emerging arts managers

With many in the sector working in administrative roles, we’ve asked arts leaders from Darwin to Hobart and Perth to…

Career Advice

Mastering the interview: Tips from journos

Do you freeze at the thought of doing an interview with the media? Here are a few tips on how…

Career Advice

How I became a culture entrepreneur

Starting in a gallery and working as a PA helped Emilya Colliver establish three healthy, interrelated businesses that are taking…

Career Advice

When are you too old for your arts jobs?

In the arts, retirement is often not an option.

Career Advice

30 things I learned working in a gallery

Having worked in a regional gallery, a commercial gallery, for a biennale and an ARI, these are the lessons –…

Career Advice

Career Spotlight: The arts job for CSI fans

Being a conservator in a museum or gallery offers big rewards for the big commitment.

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