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The young Asia Businesswoman makes parcel for online studio business.
Career Advice

27 things I learned starting a new art business

How to turn old learnings from portfolio careers into new gains, when starting a studio-based business.

Career Advice

Prepare to fail: how to be successful in a virtual AGM

For Rachael Coghlan, Craft ACT's first virtual AGM offered lessons for many arts orgs needing to deliver reporting, acquittals and…

Career Advice

How to write an art-wank free artist statement

Remember, an artist's statement is a practical and professional tool. It doesn’t have to be a complicated academic paper. Here…

Career Advice

How to make ideas happen

Three creative entrepreneurs – the founders of Parlour Gigs, Underground Cinema and Envato – share how they got started; how…

Career Advice

How to write your artist bio

It's one of the most miswritten, most confused tools in the artist's kit of skills, and getting it right is…

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Want success? Then give up these 20 things

Rather than skilling up, we suggest toning down for success.

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When are you too old for your arts jobs?

In the arts, retirement is often not an option.

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How to make money from your blog

Blogging is a business anyone can get into but only a few can make pay.

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How to visualise yourself into success

Research on sportspeople shows the power of this technique. It can be applied just as effectively to building an arts…

Career Advice

Is your art a hobby or a business?

Three ways to know whether you are really in the arts business or just kidding yourself about your hobby.

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