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How method acting could empower women

Natalie Portman says method acting is a ‘luxury women can’t afford’ – but new research shows how it can empower…

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So you want my arts job: Actor

Acting is just standing around pretending, right? Not so, says Aaron Walton, about a craft that is more complicated than…

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10 top tips on how to make your own movie

Former Director of South Seas Film School, producer, director and self-confessed movie nut, Adam Fresco offers a hands-on guide to…

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So you want my arts job: Stunt Coordinator for film and television

Philli Anderson was Australia’s first female stunt coordinator and one of the few female stunt people working in Australia. Here’s…

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How to nail a video interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking, especially if this is your first time doing one over video call! Keep calm and read our…

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How to build a portfolio of your creative work (and make it stand out)

Digital portfolios can seem daunting, especially if you've never made a website before. Here's how to do it in five…

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How to make an amazing short film: a festival director’s top tips

Make a shorter, simpler film and you can focus your resources on fewer locations, setups, and minutes to sound design,…

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So you want my arts job: TV and film extra

If you don't mind waiting around a lot, being an extra on set can be a interesting experience. You may…