The other work

Independent artists often do other work alongside their art making, but how does it sit within their arts practice as a whole?
other work. cubes bearing the words main or side job on green and white background, with hand touching the cubes.

The golden standard of a successful independent arts practice is to appear to be making as much art as you can, as often as you can. Being able to make art the majority of your time or having the opportunity to make art “full-time”, is a dream come true for most artists. The problem with this golden standard is that it is extremely difficult to achieve, fundamentally due to a lack of resources, infrastructure and opportunities, and for similar reasons is even harder to sustain in a stable manner over time.

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Grace Ellen Macpherson is a journalist, freelance writer and cultural agent based on unceded Cadigal land. She holds a Master of Arts and Cultural Management, and a Master of Theatre (Dramaturgy) from the University of Melbourne. She is currently a cadet journalist at News Corp Australia. Find her on Instagram @graceellenmacpherson or LinkedIn @Grace Ellen Macpherson.