Putting the science behind performers’ well-being

Caring for performers’ mental and physical well-being needs to be backed by evidence-based methods for maximum impact.

Mental health and well-being in the arts sector has been a big topic of discussion, especially during the pandemic’s periods of isolation, when many experienced depression, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness.

But it’s still rare to think of the physical injuries that performers, including musicians and dancers, can sustain and how this also adds to such mental health issues as self-doubt, stress, panic and depression.

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Celina Lei is an arts writer and editor at ArtsHub. She acquired her M.A in Art, Law and Business in New York with a B.A. in Art History and Philosophy from the University of Melbourne. She has previously worked across global art hubs in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York in both the commercial art sector and art criticism. She took part in drafting NAVA’s revised Code of Practice - Art Fairs and was the project manager of ArtsHub’s diverse writers initiative, Amplify Collective. Celina is based in Naarm/Melbourne. Instagram @lleizy_