Disturbing trend damaging actors’ mental health

Forced to wait up to four months to hear the outcome of an audition, actors' mental health is regularly suffering.
Actors' mental health is profoundly affected by unreasonable casting practices.

Actors and performers’ agents nationwide are concerned about the rise in relaxed attitudes toward placing actors “on hold” for roles on stage and in film. A performer may be notified that they are on hold for a role as casting agents and directors make final casting decisions. ArtsHub spoke to several performers who have experienced being on hold for as long as four months.

‘It’s devastating for mental health,’ warns a busy actors’ agent working across stage and screen. When an actor is placed on hold for weeks, it affects the performer’s schedule, family arrangements and sometimes their housing. It can be especially devastating when they are finally notified that they don’t have the role, as the performer is forced to quickly source work for a hole in their schedule they’ve felt pressured to keep free.

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David Burton is a writer from Meanjin, Brisbane. David also works as a playwright, director and author. He is the playwright of over 30 professionally produced plays. He holds a Doctorate in the Creative Industries.