11 clever ways to promote your arts business

When it's time to stop making art for your own enjoyment, here's how to find clients who pay.

Whatever your brand of creativity – visual artist, photographer, writer, performer, drag star – there comes a time when you want to stop doing it for your own enjoyment and start doing it for clients with real money. So how do you promote yourself in a way that is both creative and cost-effective?

Clearly a smart and sophisticated digital presence is important. You’re a creative so your website and digital assets need to reflect your work and your brand values. This will often be the first time someone sees your work, so you want to make a strong first impression. 

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Dr Diana Carroll is a writer, speaker, and reviewer based in Adelaide. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines including the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Woman's Day, and B&T. Writing about the arts is one of her great passions.