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ArtsHub has curated a list of some of the best apps for artists and arts lovers.

The best apps for artists and arts lovers

Thanks to software development, running an arts business and accessing art has never been easier.

An image of a young woman wearing a denim jacket and with her eyes closed, leaning her cheek on a small jigsaw made spherical world. Some pieces are missing.

The Artist’s Way Week 4: Recovering a sense of integrity

A new sense of awareness and clarity emerges as we look in the mirror of Morning Pages and take ourselves…

arts managers, best workers: A young white woman smiling while "high fiving" a group of three other people.

4 things arts managers are noticing in their best workers right now

ArtsHub surveyed a range of arts managers to find out what their top workers are bringing to the table right…

A young woman in a tutu is in an underground railway carriage and swirling around a pole.

The Artist’s Way Week 3: Recovering a sense of power

Growth can be erratic and uncomfortable, but it's all part of the process. This week we look at anger, shame…

A purple blue background, with headshots of a young woman and middle aged man on the right, with text on the left describing an upcoming webinar.

Webinar #6: Me – we – us: looking after creatives 

The latest webinar in the Creative Exchange series is now available to view online.

A young woman reaches out to the camera with her fingers making a frame. The background is an artist's colourwheel.

The Artist’s Way: Week 2 – recovering a sense of identity

Self-definition is a major component of recovering our creative selves. This week we look at drawing new boundaries and avoiding…

Teacher pours paint into cup for young boy wearing blue t-shirt. Arts education.

Arts education in crisis: support a next generation of creatives

Plummeting support for arts education will strip a next generation of creatives. Here's how you can support change.

A young film editor collapses at his desk from burnout on multiple projects.
Career Advice

Balancing act: six tips for managing multiple creative projects without burnout

Anxiety and burnout are on the rise for creative industry professionals. Our guide provides help on managing multiple projects sustainably.

Photo: Fabian Blank, Unsplash. A rustic skin-coloured piggy bank against a white background.

2024 Spring Budget: what this means for the arts

The Campaign for the Arts highlights wins and concerns around the 2024 Spring Budget, with tax reliefs, new investments, but…

Fee negotiation for creative freelancers. Negotiate higher fee with our guide. Image is a plant growing out of a pot filled with coins.

Negotiating higher rates for creative freelancers: unlock your worth

Asking for more money can be a daunting prospect for many, but this simple guide provides simple steps to unlock…

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