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China to create $800m tax-free culture hub in Beijing

An $800m arts and entertainment Freeport is set to open in Beijing in 2014.


Warhol's Mao Zedong unwelcome in China

Chinese censors cut portraits of Chairman Mao from travelling Warhol retrospective.


Guggenheim sets sights on China

The Guggenheim Museum has launched a new initiative to commission major work by Chinese artists.


Sotheby’s and TEFAF to collaborate in China

Sotheby’s is in talks with the world’s largest art and antiques fair TEFAF about possibly hosting an event in China.


Ai Weiwei plans to release heavy metal album

Dissident Chinese visual artist Ai Weiwei has revealed plans to release a heavy metal album.


Chinese translation of Finnegan's Wake a bestseller

A new Chinese translation of James Joyce's convoluted novel Finnegan's Wake has become a bestseller in China


Chinese dwarfs find success in shadow puppetry

Dwarfs in China traditionally face discrimination, but as puppeteers they may have found success in a perfectly suitable form of…


Chinese artist takes a stand against corruption

Chinese artist Zhang Bingjian is making a statement with his latest project: a Hall of Fame – or Shame –…


Destroying art for art’s sake

Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei has had his work smashed by another artist without his permission but he has no…

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The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) forecasts that 1.6 billion people will travel as tourists by the year 2020 - a…

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