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Major Project

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Upon application

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All Arts


United Kingdom

The Skinners' Company

Skinners’ Charity Foundation fund

Arts, Heritage and Communities

We are funding Arts, Heritage, and Community projects primarily (but not exclusively) in London and Kent. This can range from one-off events through to multi-year projects. Grants of up to £2,000 per-year are available for projects and/or capital items, with awards for three years open to consideration.

Arts and Heritage projects can include; local heritage projects which help local groups to conserve and restore their landmarks, landscape, traditions and culture. Examples of Performing and Visual Arts work are those involved in performances, art, music, and drama activities. Community projects cover work that support their area, bringing together and supporting local people.

Funding Criteria

Our eligibility criteria for the programme is as follows:

  • Arts, Heritage, and local Community projects
  • Working primarily in London and Kent
  • Where successful outcomes can be evidenced
  • Projects that show clear public value
  • As much as possible, where the project is run by a registered not-for-profit organisation, with at least one set of audited or independently examined annual accounts*
  • The charity’s annual turnover does not exceed £200,000

*If you are not a registered not-for-profit organisation, we may be willing to consider exceptions under certain circumstances. If this applies to you, please contact us to discuss this further.

For more information, visit The Skinners’ Company