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Art Fund

Reimagine grants

The Reimagine programme is designed to inspire creativity and increase stability and resilience in the sector. It supports organisations to develop or refresh their work in response to their current situation.

Through Reimagine, we can provide grants of up to £50,000 for projects that are:

  • Creative or innovative
  • Context-specific
  • Impactful
  • Engaging

This year, we will only accept applications from museums and galleries that are reliant on local authority support.

In 2024, there is one key aim for the Reimagine programme. We want to fund projects that will help organisations reimagine their approach to partnerships.

Our priority areas are:

  • Activity related to exhibitions or collections designed to engage underrepresented audiences or to grow audiences.
  • Initiatives that support organisations to deliver on environmental sustainability.
  • New or strengthened partnerships between museums, galleries and arts organisations.
  • Strategic partnerships with organisations outside the sector (e.g. in health, education, community or commercial settings).

Through strategic relationships with other organisations, we hope that grantees will be able to develop and retain their expertise, increase their resilience, advocate for themselves, and better serve the public. There might also be opportunities to explore new models of place-based working, evidence social impact, or examine different methods of enterprise and income generation.

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