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The Open Data Institute

MediaFutures Open Call

Applications are now open for the third and final open call for artistic funding for MediaFutures, the new European data-driven innovation hub exploring misinformation, disinformation, technology and media. It is part of a €2.5m programme funded by the European Commission as part of EU’s Horizon 2020. London-based The Open Data Institute is a UK partner in the Europe-wide programme.

“MediaFutures is an exciting and innovative programme that allows artists and startups the space to consider how data shapes our rapidly-changing world, as well as how we might act to counter problems such as disinformation that can be created as a result of its use and mis-use,” said Tara Lee, Senior Consultant at the Open Data Institute.

Eligibility: Applications for this third and final open call are being encouraged from groups who are not as well-represented in the art and start-up worlds, or face additional barriers to entry, including those from ethnic minorities, women and non-binary individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities and those in lower-middle income countries. Despite now being outside the EU, applications are being encouraged from UK artists, and selected non-EU territories, for the six-month period that the funding covers, subject to travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

What you get: Up to €80,000, mentoring and training.

Deadline 30 August 2022

For more information, visit The Open Data Institute