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Mid-career artist


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Ontario Arts Council

Media Artists Creation Projects


The program supports individual professional Ontario-based media artists/directors working with film, video, audio, digital, new media, video and electronic games, and virtual reality as independent artist-controlled art forms in the production and post-production phases of their projects. The program has two categories:

  • Emerging Artist: You have completed at least one independent media work and are not currently enrolled in a formal media arts education program.
  • Mid-Career & Established Artist: You have completed at least two previous media works independently. Mid-Career artists have a history of independent media arts practice of at least 5 years. Established artists have a history of independent media arts practice of at least 15 years.


The program’s priorities are to support:

  • projects that are innovative – in content, point of view, form, style, technique or process
  • projects that further the applicant’s development as an artist

This arts council program is not intended to support commercial media production. There are other funders that support the commercial film, television, and game industries. Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below.

In addition to considering the OAC’s priority groups, this program also strives to support gender parity.

For more information, visit Ontario Arts Council

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