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Ford Foundation


We support artist-driven film and new media storytelling projects that explore aspects of inequality, as well as the organizations and networks that support these projects.

Considerations when applying for grants

JustFilms accepts inquiries for grants year-round, averaging between 800 and 1,000 inquiries annually. We welcome submissions from any region of the world. Our funds are limited, and we are able to support only a small percentage of these projects through direct grants. JustFilms strongly advises that you use the priorities and guiding questions below to determine whether your project might be competitive in this process. Please note that JustFilms supports a number of organizations that also make grants to documentary projects. We invite you to explore whether your project might be better suited for support through other organizations, many of which are included on resource lists at the International Documentary Association and American Documentary.

All projects submitted for JustFilms grants will be judged on the basis of

  • Artistic excellence
  • Contemporary relevance
  • Alignment with Ford priorities
  • Potential for strategic impact
  • Potential to transform stereotypes, beliefs, and value systems
  • Creativity and innovation in form
  • Potential to build cultural power and voice in marginalized communities

For more information, visit Ford Foundation