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John Ellerman Foundation

John Ellerman Foundation Fund

We aim to advance the wellbeing of people, society and the natural world by focusing on the arts, environment and social action. We believe these areas can make an important contribution to wellbeing.

Our values

Relationships are important to us across every aspect of our grantmaking, and in the ways in which we work with others. Our values guide and reflect how we work. We are a responsive funder, listening and responding to what applicants and our wider stakeholder network judge is important.

We have well developed and regularly reviewed funding guidelines, enabling us to be discerning in our decisions about whom and what to support.

We value all our stakeholder relationships, including organisations we fund and those applying to us, and seek to have a personal touch. Our Trustees are involved at every stage of an application, and we always meet an applicant before a grant is made.

We prefer to be connected and are in regular contact with relevant colleagues and partners in the charitable and investing worlds. We also like to keep in touch with organisations we fund, convening and linking with them and others from time to time.

We are willing to be flexible and may venture outside our funding criteria or our usual ways of working, if we believe a different approach would be more effective.

How much can I apply for?

On our main grants programme, we generally make grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 per year, for up to three years. Last year our grants ranged from £7,500 to £150,000 and the average grant size was around £97,000. To get an idea of the size of grant we make, take a look at the grants list on our website or on 360Giving.

For more information, visit John Ellerman Foundation