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Freelands Foundation

Inclusive Practices Fund

Applications are now open for our latest Grants Open Call. Apply by 19 July 2024.

Freelands Foundation are pleased to announce our 2024 open call grants opportunity is now open.

The Inclusive Practices Fund will support organisations to reimagine engagement and education; aiming to foster belonging and connection between young people in primary and secondary school, their teachers and visual arts spaces.

In 2024, [The] Runnymede Trust and Freelands Foundation published Visualise: race and inclusion in secondary education, as part of our commitment to address racial inequality in the visual art education. The report evidenced the ‘creativity crisis’ in art education, its disproportionate impact on minority ethnic* students and a curriculum which fails to represent them. It reiterated the ‘systematic under-representation of minority ethnic artists and their work’ within and outside of the school system. The report also highlighted great potential for visual art organisations to help create more inclusive and empowering art education offerings.

The report produced several recommendations dedicated to tackling the challenges within the education system. As a Foundation we are interested in acting upon these recommendations in a range of ways which meet our charitable purpose, as we seek to champion, advance and expand the teaching and learning of art for everyone.

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