Grant Details


Youth Arts

Grant Amount

Upon application

Applicant Type



Visual Arts


United Kingdom

Warwick District Council

France Brodeur Young Artist Award (FBYAA)

Warwick District Council are delighted to be appointed as administrators for the ongoing France Brodeur Young Artist Award. This offers financial support for young visual artists aged 18 to 35 to dedicate time to developing skills to support their artistic practice.

  • Grants are for an individual or collaborations of artists.
  • The grants are annual and are open to all UK based artists for costs involved in proposed projects.
  • The award will have a positive impact on the artists creative development, through developing their skills, techniques, or ideas.
  • Artists who can demonstrate a commitment to their work and technical rigour, are of particular interest to FBYAA.
  • You will be asked to provide proof of your age (either birth certificate, driving license, or passport).
  • Grants are available for up to £2,000; applicants can apply for funds towards their project or for the full project costs.

For more information, visit Warwick District Council

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